Cool Storage Express has a registered RMP for dry, chilled and frozen storage and blast freezing and chilling of refrigerated and non-refrigerated animal products for human and animal consumption and which are not for human or animal consumption.

The Company also has a deemed RMP for the dairy product.

The company’s RMP permits it to provide services in relation to the dairy product as well as for animal products which are:

  1. For Human Consumption, including:
  •  Red meat (e.g. bone-in & boneless meats, offal’s from various animal types).
  •  Fish (e.g. whole, filleted/cut from various fish species).
  •  Fish Oil.
  •  Bivalve molluscan shellfish.
  •  Pharmaceuticals and Biologicals (e.g. Vells, Blood Serum).
  •  Poultry (e.g. whole, bone-in & boneless from various animal types).
  •  Eggs (whole, pulp, powder).
  •  Honey.
  •  Other bee products.
  •  Casings.
  •  Shelf stable products (e.g. canned, dried, hermetically sealed).
  •  Animal Products
  1. For Animal Consumption, including:
  •  Pet food – includes shelf-stable products – (e.g. canned, dried, hermetically sealed).
  •  Pharmaceuticals and Biological.
  •  Animal Products
  1. Not for Human or Animal Consumption, including
  •  Fats/Oils/Tallow

25 Years Experience

Cool Storage is your first choice when it comes to stored goods. With our full in-house local and international freight forwarding and customs brokering provider and with over 25 years of experience, our service is built on our reputation and performance.

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